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View of hotel from over river behind the hotel. RIVA RESIDENCES FORT LAUDERDALE
Aerial view of hotel as sunlight reflects off windows
Black sign with RIVA in white and address 1180
View of road leading up to hotel, brick road with palm trees on each side
Porte-Cochere with 24/7 attendant, view of area just outside lobby
View inside doors of lobby from outside
Lobby Overlooking the Middle River
View of Middle River from just outside the hotel lobby, blue water, boat docks and palm trees
Inside the lobby, large wooden pillar, wooden chairs white tile floor
Inside of lobby long tan couch, sitting area, with coffee table and view of Middle River
Inside the lobby wooden reclining chairs on navy blue carpet
Close up of golden colored decorative containers
View of Middle River and docks behind hotel
Close up of Middle River with trees in the background
Aerial view of hotel panning left to right
Jet ski going by docks behind hotel
Boat going by docks behind hotel
White outdoor staircase up to terrace
Sunrise Pool Terrace and Lounge overlooking the Middle River
Tanning chairs and umbrellas next to pool
Close up of the rectangular pool three feet deep
Deep end of pool four feet six inches
Close up of pool water reflecting sunlight
7,000 Sq. Ft Gym with Fitness Studio
Several gym machines and weights, line of treadmills
White rolled up towels in the gym
View of fitness center with shiny grey floor and wooden cubbies
Residents’ Lounge large lights, round table seating, high top seating, TV’s
Twisting white staircase leading to the second level
Pan through decorative plants on white wall
Large white couch across from two brown chairs with coffee table in between with a window behind the couch
View of lobby from second level
Grand Cucina long wooden table with chairs lined up
High top seating and kitchen appliances
Long black couch with several small black coffee tables
SPA sign on grey wall
Multiple angles of spa and steam room
Treatment Rooms with black massage tables
Cabana Suites for Residents’ Guests large white bed, brown desk, large TV, sunlit window
Bathroom with sink, shower and toilet grey tile walls and white accent colors
Sunset Terrace with Waterfall Hot Tub rectangular hot tub with black wall with waterfall flowing into hot tub
Terrace near hot tub with tan colored outdoor seating and umbrella
Multiple aerial views of the hotel
RIVA RESIDENCES FORT LAUDERDALE with sunset and hotel in background
Luxhunters PRODUCTIONS with logo